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About The Rockets...

The Rockets Children’s Motorcycle Display Team was formed in 2018 as a community interest club, run by the parents of  children aged 5-15 giving them the opportunity to learn how to ride a motorbike, safely, with controlled formation riding. The children then develop these skills to perform tricks, high speed  crossovers and eye watering jumps in performances, which they get to share with everyone in shows all over England throughout the summer!

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Two shows, 40-45 minutes of fuel injected, action packed
entertainment for all the families, young and old. This year our
2023 team of children aged 5-13 will jump through fire, perform
stunts, wow the crowds and much, much more! Don’t forget to
meet our mascot Rocket the Bear !

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Why Us?

Our Rockets train at Lasham on Sundays from October until our show season begins. We have a dedicated team of parents that not only teach the children bike skills, but most importantly make it fun so they gain confidence and new friendships. Any profit from the club is then put back in, to maintain our equipment and support the local communities. Last year we raised an incredible £4254 for Aerobility Charity!


You can view more fantastic reviews on our Facebook page.

We watched all of their performances at festival of wheels and they were absolutely FANTASTIC. Very friendly team. Kids loved it.”

- Emily Kate Milne

“We saw them today at the Sultan Show and they were amazing. Such an inspiration to kids.

- Kate Wassell

Congratulations on todays performance at the country fair! We loved watching it and could not believe how talented the children were. The children were so polite and well behaved. They let my little girl sit on their bikes which she loved. Thank you for a lovely day!

- Racheal Brown

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