2023 gives you a talented enthusiastic group of 5-13 year olds, ready to show you their ambitious riding! Our club prides itself in giving every rider the opportunity to excel in what they are good at. We are inclusive, successful, and open minded, always trying to
utilise the strength and passion of the children to deliver an ever changing but spectacular performance.

The team is made up of new riders and riders that have significant experience of performing over many years. Our experienced senior leaders are just 12 years old! You will see them jumping over a car in the summer!

The Rockets have been privileged to perform at RAF Brize Norton’s Brizefest, Family Fun Fest and Festival of Wheels to name just a few. When you are as dedicated as these young children are, the passion shines through, but don’t take our word for it come and see for yourself!

We are one of just a handful of Children’s Motorcycle Display Teams in the world!

The Rockets were formed in January 2018, the children and their parents came together to create something very exciting, entertaining and with a vision.

Combining adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, this talented group of young children will astound you with their airborne stunts & formation riding performance. Featuring our very own club mascot “Rocket” the bear bringing this show alive with the audience.